Train at Fidan Gym Eindhoven

Thai boxing has given me so much and I am grateful for it. I love the sport, it makes you stronger, resilient and teaches you to master your fears.  I have been more than 33 years being in this sport and I wish to do this my whole life. It is for me an honour to pass on my knowledge and experience and help my trainees to get the best out of themselves.

With Fidan Gym Eindhoven, I have created a community where all kinds of level of people come together and enjoy a good workout to get fit, in shape and appreciate the beauty of this sport.  We train all kinds of level of people. That is the beauty of this sport, it can help you lose weight, get in shape, get confidence, master your fears, get strong and fit and compete.  I try to pass on my passion for the sport and train the champions of tomorrow.

Thai boxing is for ages and levels, for both men and women, young and old. I invite you to my Gym to find out for yourself.